Monday, April 21, 2008

Worth reading

Short and to the point:

New Scientist's 24 myths about evolution

Don't bother reading the one on the bible not being inerrant, it's the biggest load of intellectual crap I've seen in a while (and they wonder why evangelical christians don't bother to consider the rest of what they have to say). I'm sure it raised my blood pressure. You owe it to yourself to ignore that one, as the rest are pretty much spot-on and certainly worth reading.


romans828 said...

i checked out this article and did find it apalling.

i actually checked a Bible verse they had printed as inaccurate mathematically. only problem is, they forgot the first part of it.

i sent them a comment about it. we'll see what happens!

ironically, i know someone struggling with the evidence for science and the inerrancy of the Bible.

thanks for being active in mind!

daniel the smith said...

Hey, just noticed your comment.

I said *not* to read that one! ;)

Personally I think it's a category error to call the bible "inerrant" (sort of like saying how nice the color green smells); but if I accepted the correctness of the category, I could write articles a billion times better than that one for BOTH sides of the issue. It makes my kidneys hurt just thinking about it.

It'd be a good subject for a future post...