Friday, October 24, 2008

You should, too

This is my first ever political endorsement.

I'm cynical about politics. I voted a Libertarian ticket in 2004, and for the Green Party in 06 (with the exception of voting for Mark Kirk's opponent. He annoyed me with enough hyperbolistic crap in my mailbox that I really wanted him to lose).

At the beginning of the year I thought I was going to get to choose between two people I actually liked, the first election where it's not been a choice between the lesser of two evils. Well, I've been following the news and I still like one of my choices.

I'm voting for Obama. I think he will be the best president we've had for a long time. Please note that this is a positive endorsement, and not a negative one (i.e. it's not that I don't like McCain).

(Speaking of McCain, I don't know if he picked the wrong advisers or what, but he's lost my respect over the last few months. And Gov. Palin just scares me half to death.)

I'd say more but I don't want to gush. I don't think it's physically possible to do everything he wants to do in four (or even eight) years, but I expect him to do some good things for this country. Of course, it's certainly possible that four years from now I'll be cynical again, but I don't think so, and for now, I'm happy.

I'll take questions in the comments. (haha, as if I actually had readers)


Tony Carlson said...

I'm mostly writing to assure you that you do in fact still have readers. I had almost given up hope considering the 4 or 5 month hiatus. So I figure I'll ask a question while I'm here though. One quick preface though. I'm not really that concerned with how you vote since Illinois undeniably goes Democrat and really a vote for Republican or Democrat is not of much consequence to the grand scheme. That said, I personally will be voting Libertarian to at the very least make a statement for freedom from oppressive levels of government. Anyway, there's no doubt that Obama is a remarkably compelling political figure. He is an eloquent speaker (at least with teleprompters, which is more than I can say for Bush) and has truly wonderful things to say. The banner of "change" for his campaign is a smart move and really is something I would like to believe in. My question then is what makes you believe he can or will affect change on a national scale when his record of change on the south side of Chicago is unimpressive at best?

It's good to see you blogging again. I'll have to e-mail you soon about a book I'm reading and some beliefs I'm changing.

daniel the smith said...

Wow, a comment! Quick, to the bat-webbrowser!

I was always a bad libertarian. I just think there are some things that government really ought to be doing, because no other entity is large enough to accomplish them. Four years ago at the peak of my libertarianism, I started off making exceptions for things like roads/infrastructure, but over the years I've made enough exceptions that really you couldn't call me a libertarian any more.

At the moment I don't feel like our major problem is too much government; I think it's a *bad* government: I.e. the problem with stupid regulations isn't the regulation part, it's the stupid part.

An example of this might be pollution/emission control. By the time the free market punishes the offenders, a great deal of damage will have been done already.

Unfortunately, I don't always agree with what government has done in this area. Subsidizing corn, resulting in extra corn, which we then very inefficiently turn into ethanol to run our cars on is one of the stupidest things we do; it's probably WORSE than burning gasoline directly (unless you're a farmer, of course. There really is something to be said for maintaining a farming industry at home--even if it can be done abroad more cheaply--so that it's there if there's a war and we have to make our own food. We just need to have them grow useful things...). Obama supports that and clean coal, which I also have issues with.

I don't really feel that his record is short, and he's done a few things that I really support, such as making police video-tape murder interrogations/confessions and I understand he did something to try and protect people from predatory lending.

Really, though, it comes down to I think he actually is honest and wants to do the things he says he wants to do. I would like it if those things were done, or some form of them were done. I'm mixed on his health care plan, but I do think something ought to be done, as it's completely unacceptable that people in this country have to choose between house payments and medication, or food and medication (also, mccain's idea would be a disaster, not that it would ever pass).

Economically I am completely disenchanted with conservative/libertarian take on things. Of our 10 trillion $ debt, I understand that 7.x trillion of it was accumulated under republicans (and 5 of that under Bush 43). Our current problems are almost impossible to understand, but I'm leaning towards the side that says they were permitted (if not caused) by lax regulation.

Anyway, enough rambling. Hope that was something resembling an answer.

PS, I have tickets to the event downtown! Watch for Bethany and me on TV in the crowd of 80,000! *rolls eyes* Pray he wins so we don't get killed in a riot! (just kidding, I don't really think that would happen.)

Tony Carlson said...

I would like to believe that he is honest, but I'm not sold. As for riots, my bigger concern is that he gets elected and gets assassinated. Potentially being the first black president I honestly think there will be attempts on his life. Were they to be successful, I believe we would see the most widespread and violent rioting this country has ever seen. Sorry for the doom and gloom scenario.

daniel the smith said...

A Norwegian paper ran a story a while ago. It seems 27 years ago, before running for any office or making any money from book royalties, Obama loaned a random stranger $103.



I'm predisposed to like him, so finding this out just makes me like him more. YMMV.

A lot of people are worried about an assassination attempt. I'm sure the Secret Service is gonna be all over the place, so I'm not worried about that, at least for this event.