Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's over

I really appreciated McCain's concession speech. I thought it was very gracious. Where was that McCain for the last year or so?

From Yes We Can

I hope (but do not expect) that if anything is learned from this cycle it is that attack 24/7 is not a good strategy. I also hope we never see someone as unqualified as Palin on a ticket again. My understanding is that McCain actually wanted Senator Joe Lieberman as his running mate, but his advisers nixed the idea because they thought Lieberman's pro-choice stance would depress the republican base (read: evangelical christians) turnout.

Palin thought she didn't need prepping or coaching, and she's right, she needed a freaking education--over-handling was not really her problem. On the other hand, I think McCain really was over-handled, that if he run the campaign the way he wanted and not how his advisers recommended, he would have done much better.

Hopefully the republicans can come up with someone as inspiring as Obama in the future, but I don't really expect them to.

And finally, I hope (and for once do expect) that Obama will be a good president.

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