Friday, December 12, 2008

First Kyu

I'm now rated -1.5 (1 kyu) by the AGA.


Tony Carlson said...

If I knew what the hell that meant I might say congratulations or I'm sorry to hear that.

daniel the smith said...

It means I'm not quite awesome at Go yet...

Wikipedia says:

Traditionally, the level of players has been defined using kyu and dan ranks. Kyu ranks are considered student ranks. Dan ranks are considered master ranks. Beginners who have just learned the rules of the game are usually around 30th kyu. As they progress, they advance numerically downwards through the kyu grades. The best kyu grade attainable is therefore 1st kyu. If players progress beyond 1st kyu, they will receive the rank of 1st dan, and from thereon will move numerically upwards through the dan ranks. In martial arts, 1st dan is the equivalent of a black belt.