Friday, December 11, 2009


Wikileaks is a website that posts sensitive documents without authorization, set up to protect whistle-blowers.

"Dr." Kent Hovind is a young-earth creationist currently doing time in Florida for tax evasion, if I recall correctly.

This is his doctoral thesis, which his college for some reason did not make publicly available. I skimmed it. Wow. It's terrible. It's so bad it's funny in places, like where he goes through the "history" of Evolution. Did you know evolution had an Eastern branch? Or that it actually started thousands of years ago? Yeah, that's right, people were evolutionists for thousands of years before Darwin. Origen, Agustine and other church fathers were evil evolutionists according to him. (You would think that having church fathers hold a position would tend to legetimize the position, but apparently not. Not that, in reality, they believed anything approaching evolution; they just didn't think Genesis 1-11 or whatever is literal, which practically makes them satanists in his mind.)

Oh, and evolution is responsible for both Nazism and Communism, and evolutionists will eat your babies. OK, one of those I didn't literally see in there, but again, I just skimmed it.

Also, I'm not sure if the guy was the originator of jillions of things I've heard Christians say over the years, or if he is the biggest parrot ever. I think half of his thesis is illustrations I've heard numerous times from various places, all of which are terrible. He (and this is a common failing) doesn't understand that you use an illustration to help explain yourself to someone who's not following you; you do NOT use them to help you argue a point to someone who is skeptical.

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