Monday, February 1, 2010

Good post

Sorry for content-light lately. Here's some good diet related reading: Body Fat Setpoint IV


Erik said...

So do you follow a primal/paleo diet?

daniel the smith said...

Yes, for four or five months now.

And no, I didn't cheat at lunch yesterday. Cavemen totally would have eaten those fries. hehe. ;)

daniel the smith said...

You probably noticed if you're here at all, but if you look back I've been posting lots of links to the blogs I read on the subject.

Erik said...

Yeah, I did notice. I've been reviewing them and I like the idea of this kind of diet. How do you like it so far?

daniel the smith said...

The Good: I get to eat all the bacon I want. I've gotten really good at cooking meats. I use heavy cream in my coffee and get to be happy about it. (I eat cheeses and cream, but not too much just plain milk.)

Also, I feel way better than I used to. Quitting wheat made an immediate and very noticeable difference, and then about thirty days after I started I noticed I just felt way better in general.

The Bad: I had just gotten good at making bread and scones. I do miss eating carbs (I don't eat many carbs, and if I do, I try to get them from potatoes or carrots or something not grainy). I never did eat much sugar, but if I had, I'm sure I'd be missing that a lot.

I'm definitely sticking with this long term, cheating much makes me (physically) feel terrible.

In the future I'd like to maybe find a local source for grass-fed beef and maybe worry about omega 6/3 ratios, but for now I just avoid vegetable oils and call it good.